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Receive Trucking Prospect (Exchange)


Receive prospects from the Bold Penguin Exchange by providing an HTTP endpoint where Bold Penguin can POST prospect data. When you match a prospect in the Exchange, Bold Penguin will send the prospect event data to this pre-configured endpoint.


The HTTP(S) endpoint you supply for Bold Penguin to POST prospect data.


You can provide a static HTTP header value (X-API-KEY, Authorization: Bearer, etc.) for us to include in the POST request. Bold Penguin does not support dynamic authentication.



Request Syntax

"actual_years_in_business": <int>,
"address": "<string>",
"business_name": "<string>",
"city": "<string>",
"completed_at": "<string>",
"coverage_types": array"<string>",
"coverage_type_ids": array"<int>",
"currently_insured": <boolean>,
"dot_number": "<string>",
"email": "<string>",
"estimated_annual_payroll": <int>,
"estimated_annual_revenue": <int>,
"first_name": "<string>",
"full_time_employees": <int>,
"last_name": "<string>",
"lead_id": "<string>",
"legal_entity": "<string>",
"legal_entity_id": <enum integer>,
"naics_id": <int>,
"naics_code": "<enum string>",
"naics_description": "<string>",
"name": "<string>",
"part_time_employees": <int>,
"phone_number": "<string>",
"state": "<string>",
"trucking_home_delivery": <boolean>,
"trucking_under_own_authority": <boolean>,
"years_of_experience": <int>,
"zip": "<string>"

Request Parameters

  • coverage_types

    • An array of string of the coverage type for the policy
    • Type: String Enum
    • For a complete list of coverage types please refer to the complete list from the Master Question Set or your Broker Question
  • lead_id

    • Record locator used to retrieve disposition records for this prospect.
    • Type: String
    • Required: Yes
  • legal_entity

    • Current status of the prospect

    • Type: String Enum

      C Corporation
      Joint Venture
      S Corporation
      Sole Proprietorship
  • key

    • The partner provided API Key
    • Type: String

Response Syntax

"response": {
"status": "Success"

Response Elements

  • status
    • Indicates that you have successfully received the prospect.
    • Value must be Success
    • Required: Yes

NOTE: The response must match exactly (including case) and be sent within our default timeout of 15 seconds or the prospect will be matched to the next partner in the Exchange.

Status Codes

  • 200 Prospect received


Example Request

POST /prospects/ HTTP/1.1 Connection: close Content-Length: 885 Content-Type:
application/json Host:
{ "actual_years_in_business": 14, "address": "10 Main St.", "business_name":
"Skipper, Rico, Kowalski and Private, LLC", "city": "Columbus",
"completed_at": "2019-04-09T15:22:31Z", "coverage_types": [ "Liability",
"Commercial Auto" ] "coverage_type_ids": [ 5, 10 ], "currently_insured": true,
"dot_number": "4453997" "email": "", "estimated_annual_payroll": 12000,
"estimated_annual_revenue": 32000, "first_name": "Skipper",
"full_time_employees": 3, "key": "<your_api_key
>", "last_name": "Skip-king", "lead_id": "1EpKpmra1XEKStMFkbywQFBj",
"legal_entity": "LLC" "legal_entity_id": 3, "naics_id": 2, "naics_code":
"484230", "naics_description": "Flatbed trucking, long-distance", "name":
"Skipper Skip-king", "part_time_employees": 0, "phone_number": "6145550987",
"state": "OH", "trucking_home_delivery": true,
"trucking_under_own_authority": true, "years_of_experience": 20, "zip":
"43214" }</your_api_key

Example Response

"response": {
"status": "Success"