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Receive Side Integration

The Bold Penguin Exchange was built to match business owners who need commercial insurance with agents and carriers that can get them coverage in record time. Prospective partners can integrate with the Bold Penguin Exchange as Send Side partners, Receive Side partners, or both.

Send Side partners have prospects for whom they are unable to find a carrier partner or feel they do not have the expertise to field underwrite. They send these prospects into the Exchange where Bold Penguin's Agent Match Algorithm finds the partner best suited to the risk represented by each prospect.

As a Receive Side partner, you will be receiving these prospects from the Bold Penguin Exchange. You will also be responsible for returning the ongoing and final status of the prospect to Bold Penguin in a process called dispositioning.

Bold Penguin created an HTTP-based REST API to help you integrate with us as a Receive Side partner.

After completing the prerequisites, there are two technical phases of being a Receive Side partner:

  1. Receiving the prospect data from Bold Penguin after being matched (i.e. have a prospect matched to you based on your filters and the algorithm).
  2. Dispositioning, or returning current prospect status to Bold Penguin.
sequenceDiagram Bold Penguin Exchange->>You: Prospect You-->>Bold Penguin Exchange: Disposition You-->>Bold Penguin Exchange: Disposition