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Insurance Intelligence 101

What is Insurance Intelligence?

Insurance Intelligence is the process of using data driven analytics to drive business growth across all Bold Penguin products and services.

At Bold Penguin, we offer products for agents and carriers to increase efficiency and complete the quoting process faster. Our products help both agents and carriers reach their goals for growth potential and customer satisfaction.

How Our Products Help Agents

Our Insurance Intelligence products help agents create a more complete risk profile to ensure the most beneficial interaction with prospects. This helps agents target all available relevant coverage options and reduce potential coverage gaps.

How Our Products Help Carriers

Our Insurance Intelligence products allow underwriters to prioritize work, expedite the logging process, and perform a well rounded review of a risk.

Our ClauseLink product allows carriers and brokers to perform deep dives, allowing them to separate and compare insurance forms and other types of documents based on what is being covered, what is excluded, and other factors. ClauseLink helps improve product knowledge and eliminate coverage gaps.

What Can Insurance Intelligence Products Do for My Business?

Products like our Company Submit API help increase agent productivity by prepopulating field data for prospects with high accuracy. Our data partners return data that is used to provide additional insight to the agent regarding the prospect’s details. An agent can find information on the prospect company’s income, number of employees, years in business, and other statistical data points that help determine risk and underwriting vectors at a glance.

Why Do I Need Insurance Intelligence Products?

The insurance industry is undergoing a revolution with regard to data analysis and growth potential. Bold Penguin is on the cutting edge of that revolution, with products focused on making quoting faster, easier, and more complete. Utilizing our products, such as ClauseLink, will allow your agency to increase quote yield, improve the quoting process, eliminate coverage gaps, compare products, and help you meet your goals for growth and revenue generation.