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Integrating with Bold Penguin


Integrating with Bold Penguin’s platform is a powerful way to distribute your digitally-enabled small commercial insurance products. We leverage your existing API and map your questions, rules, and appetite to make it easy for users of the Bold Penguin Terminal to quote and bind.

Integration Readiness

Prior to integration, Bold Penguin will request necessary information to successfully establish a test connection with your API. Information requested will include:

  • Authentication credentials / keys to access your API (e.g. OAuth2)
  • Sample request payload(s) (e.g. Postman collection)
  • API technical documentation (e.g. Swagger docs)

Standard Question Spec​

We’ve standardized our process to collect and maintain your required questions on the Bold Penguin Terminal. You will be asked to populate our Standard Question Template with question text, conditional rules, answer choices, question codes, field types, display rules, etc. If a Question API is available with all required information, please notify us. Please contact your account manager for our Standard Question Spec template.

Appetite Documentation​

Collection and mapping of your business classes to a standardized NAICS Index Description baseline allows for a quick and easy quoting experience for the users of the Bold Penguin Terminal. Bold Penguin works with you to map your existing appetite which will then be ingested onto our platform. State eligibility rules are requested as well.

For additional information or to obtain copies of integration documents and forms, please contact your account manager.

For new sales or integrations, please contact us here