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Broker Questions

In addition to the questions listed in the Master Question Set, you may have worked with your account team to define a set of Broker Questions. This is a question set that defines your specific risk appetite and include additional business data necessary to integrate with your existing system.

All question codes in the broker question set are prefixed with the tenant code provided to you by your account manager. This is usually a common word associated with your company identity and different from your tenant ID used in the API endpoints. For example if your tenant code was acme, you might have question code called acme_business_name in your broker question set.

When starting a new application via the create application form endpoint, you can use a combination of question codes from your broker questions and the master question set to prepopulate answer_values for one or more of questions.

NOTE: Some broker questions may supersede questions in the MQS and should be used in their place, An example would be acme_business_name in place of mqs_business_name). Your specific set of broker question codes may vary from those below. Refer to the documentation provided to you by your account manager.

Common Broker Questions

  • [tenant]_coverage_types
    • What type of coverage are you looking for?
    • An array of one or more of the following enumerated types:
      • BOP
      • Commercial Auto
      • Commercial Flood
      • Cyber Liability
      • Liability
      • Other/Not Sure
      • Professional Liability (E&O)
      • Umbrella
      • Workers Compensation
  • [tenant]_business_name
    • What is the name of your business?
    • String (maximum length: 255)
  • [tenant]_first_name
    • What is your first name?
    • String (maximum length: 255)
  • [tenant]_last_name
    • What is your last name?
    • String (maximum length: 255)
  • [tenant]_email
    • What is the best email address to send a copy of the quote?
    • String (maximum length: 255)
    • Valid email id format
      • [a-zA-Z0-9._%+-]+@[a-zA-Z0-9.-]+.[a-zA-Z0-9]{2,}
  • [tenant]_phone
    • What is your phone number?
    • String (length: 10)
      • Invalid: (614)-342-8293
      • Valid: 6143428293
  • [tenant]_address_1
    • Address Line 1
    • String (maximum length: 255 - [tenant]_street_2.length)
  • [tenant]_address_2
    • Address Line 2
    • String (maximum length: 255 - [tenant]_street_1.length)
  • [tenant]_city
    • What is your city?
    • String (maximum length: 255)
  • [tenant]_state
    • What is your state?
    • String (maximum length: 255)
  • [tenant]_zipcode
    • What is your zip code?
    • String (length: 5)
      • Valid 5 digit US ZIP code

Example Application Form

"application_form": {
"answer_values": [
"code": "acme_first_name",
"answer": "Roberta"
"code": "acme_last_name",
"answer": "Smith"
"code": "acme_business_name",
"answer": "Robertas Pizza"
"code": "acme_phone",
"answer": "6145558888"