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Storefront - Enterprise Guide


Storefront - Enterprise provides a layered framework for constructing front-end commercial insurance experiences. This development kit includes a Redux state container and layered web components. You can quickly get started by applying your own styling to the existing components, or dive deeper to include your own components and flows.

Common Tasks

Active Answers

When using Storefront - Enterprise, the current active answer should not be modified by the backend. When overriding an existing component, it is your responsibility to signal the redux store that an answer component is active. This is especially important for dropdowns and other other components that don't have inherent focus selectors.

There are two actions in our redux store to facilitate this: updateActiveAnswerId and removeActiveAnswerId. Depending on the component you are updating, you may need to take these into account to provide the best user experience. You can call updateActiveAnswerId to signal to the redux store your component is now active. Call removeActiveAnswerId if you need to signal the store the component has left focus.