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Dispositioning Prospects

What is Dispositioning

At Bold Penguin, we want to ensure that each prospect that enters our system has the best possible experience getting a commercial insurance policy that suits their needs. We also want to make sure that the prospects that we send to each partner are the type that they (the broker) are best suited to insure. We can't fulfill these goals without receiving the status of each prospect in a process we call dispositioning. In other words, without dispositions being sent to Bold Penguin the partnership will fail. We audit this process regularly and will pause accounts who do not send dispositions.

Dispositions are also a factor in Agent Match scores. Our Agent Match is not based solely on bids, rather we want each prospect to get the best possible quoting experience. We gather data about the prospect's experience, in part, through the disposition process.

In order to interact with our Dispositioning API:

  • You will need a bearer token to be able to authenticate with our API endpoints.
  • You will also need the unique record locator string found in the lead_id attribute of the prospect.

Disposition Records

When a prospect leaves the Bold Penguin Exchange a number of disposition records are created. There will be one record for each coverage type that the prospect has indicated they are looking to insure.

Example Record:

status: 'Active',
carrier: 'Example Partner',
premium: 0.0,
rate: 0.0,
history: "",
coverage_type_ids: 5

You can update any field within this record using the Create Disposition Record API. You can use the same API to create new disposition records for additional coverage types.