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Retrieving Quote Request Attachments

Quote Request Attachments

The terminal returns a quote request event whenever it reaches out to a carrier to retrieve quote information. You subscribe to these events using our Webhook API. Under certain circumstances, quote requests include form attachments. In these cases the webhook event payload includes an attachment_id you can use to retrieve the attachment via our API.

sequenceDiagram Bold Penguin->>Partner: attachment_id Partner->>API: Authenticate Partner->>API: Get Attachment API-->>Partner: Attachment Object

Attachment ID

Here is a snippet of a quote request payload that includes a PDF attachment:

  "attachments": [
"id": "d865f3fe-4eb3-421e-b3c0-093b04287505",
"filename": "quote.pdf",
"attachment_type": "quote_pdf"

Once you have an attachment_id, you can either display or store the attachments for review using the Bold Penguin API.


Bold Penguin API requests are authorized using ephemeral authentication tokens. You receive a token when you send an OAuth2 client_credentials type grant request to the authentication endpoint for your terminal. You must include your clients credentials in either a Basic Auth header or POST parameters within this grant request.

Upon successful authentication, you will receive an ephemeral access token in the response that you will provide in the authorization header for additional API requests. Tokens are valid for 12 hours. For more information, see Authentication.

Retrieving Attachments

Once authenticated, you can retrieve an existing attachment_id from a quote request event using the Get Attachments API. The response payload will match the attachment_type from the quote request event.