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Bridging to Bind Quotes

While an agent is completing an application form, Bold Penguin requests quotes from your active appointments. If a carrier returns a quote that is bindable online, congrats!

This guide explains how to bridge the agent to the carrier portal to bind the quote.

Using custom elements

The bp-sdk-quote-request-container handles displaying and binding quotes. If you want to customize the experience, you can apply CSS styles or replace parts with your own custom elements.

For a review on how to add Bold Penguin custom elements to your application, see Installation.

Using Redux store and requests

For advanced integrations, you can use the Bold Penguin Redux store and request methods. To bind the quote:

  • Get the selected quote (see Redux selectors for quotes)
  • Get the current SDK config
  • Request to bind quote
  • Use the URL in the response to open a new tab or window to the carrier portal
import {
} from '@boldpenguin/sdk-redux';
import { QuoteRequest } from '@boldpenguin/sdk-requests';

* Takes a quote request (IQuoteRequest) and opens a new
* tab or window to bind the quote in the carrier portal.
async function bindQuote(selectedQuoteRequest) {
const quoteId =;
const appFormId = selectedQuoteRequest.application_form_id;

const config = getPartnerEngineConfig(getStore().getState());

const response = await QuoteRequest.bindQuote(quoteId, appFormId, config);, '_blank');