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Embeddable Penguin Prerequisites

As the name implies, the form is an embeddable Custom Element you include on your existing website. Though it is written in StencilJS, the element is compatible with other frameworks, including static HTML. The form POSTs the prospect data back to the Bold Penguin Exchange.

Bold Penguin hosts both beta and production versions of the element via a content delivery network (CDN). You can also install the elements locally via NPM. The CDN version will automatically receive any updates. For the npm installer, you will need to handle updates via your build process.

Browser Compatibility

The standard method of integrating Embeddable Penguin into your application is the use of a script tag of type module. This is not compatible for legacy browsers, including Internet Explorer.

Environment Property

Bold Penguin hosts both beta and production environments.

  <embeddable-penguin environment="beta" client_id="LnTzGVqAqZg5q5ueegsiEz76YBkwMouZ" />
  <embeddable-penguin client_id="LnTzGVqAqZg5q5ueegsiEz76YBkwMouZ" />


  <embeddable-penguin environment="prod" client_id="LnTzGVqAqZg5q5ueegsiEz76YBkwMouZ" />


Your account manager will provide you with the following information to configure the embeddable form in our beta environment:

  • Client ID: A unique identifier provided by your Account Manager for tracking.

Once we've successfully tested the integration, your Account Manager can provide you with the same information for our production environment.